1. Open the battery compartment and install a 9V Alkiline battery by attaching the battery to the battery clips. Close the battery compartment. 2. Locate the Control Unit on the dash in a convenient location so that the LED and sound transducer can be heard and seen. Use the VELCRO strips that are provided. 3. Mount the Motion Sensor to the Turn Signal Lever using the Velcro Pads. (Place one of the pads on the the Turn Signal Lever and the other on the SENSOR). Secure the SENSOR in the proper position for use and then secure the wire to the Turn Signal Lever with the ty-wrap to provide some strain relief. See NOTE below for the proper postion to mount the Motion Sensor. NOTE: THE PROPER MOUNTING POSITION FOR THE MOTION SENSOR IS CRITICAL FOR THE UNIT TO SENSE MOTION WHEN THE TURN SIGNAL LEVER IS MOVED FROM AND RETURNED TO THE NEUTRAL POSITION. THE MOTION SENSOR MUST BE MOUNTED SO THAT THE ARROW IS VISIBLE AND MOVES IN THE SAME PLANE AS THE TURN SIGNAL LEVER MOTION. SEE THE DRAWING BELOW. IF THE MOTION SENSOR IS TOO SENSITIVE TO ROAD BUMPS, INSERT A PIECE OF FOAM RUBBER BETWEEN THE MOTION SENSOR AND TURN SIGNAL LEVER. 4. Position the POWER SWITCH to the "ON" position. 5. Positon the Turn Signal Lever to either the LEFT or RIGHT Turn position. 6. You should hear the sound transucer "beep" and observe the LED flash. 7. Return the Turn Signal Lever to the NEUTRAL position. The sound and LED flash should stop. 8. Repeat Step 5 & 6 & 7 for the other position of the Turn Signal lever. 9. Tapping the Turn Signal Lever again when the unit is operating should terminate the operation.


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